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Some questions often asked by customers.

The glib answer to this question would be, “how long is a piece of string”. but, there is usually no easy answer. Every situation is different and every customer has a different budget and different tastes and requirements.

If you were talking to a builder, it is highly unlikely that you would just tell him to build a house for you and say no more. He would need to know how big, how many rooms, what you want to put in each room etc. Web design is very like that.  Except that it is very likely that when the website is built, you will want to promote it so that it gets in front of your customers.

The length of time it takes to build your website depends on what you want in it. We aim to complete the project in about six weeks. But, it does depend on the type of website, how big it is and how quickly a client supplies the content (a common source of delay).

Yes. We have a contract that is written in clear straight forward language. It protects both the client and us and sets out exactly what is agreed so that the work can be done efficiently without wasting time and resources on unneeded and unwanted elements and everybody is happy. If you change your mind and want to add or remove elements at any point after signing the contract, we can agree on a new contract and proceed from there.

If you do not live nearby, we can send you an electronic contract and you can sign it electronically.

No, certainly not. That is one of the great things about the internet. We can build websites for people anywhere in the world. We can send you an electronic contract and work with you as normal.

We do like to meet our clients to discuss their needs, but it is not a deal-breaker.

Indeed you can. We will show you what to do. If you find it difficult or do not have the time, we can give you a management contract that will keep your website up-to-date and make any minor edits that you require.

Anything more than maintenance and minor edits will require another contract and an agreed fee.

Yes. We guarantee the website for three months. During that time you can contact us to make changes and updates to the website. If it breaks or is in need of repair, there will be no charge. After that, you will need to get a maintenance package.

Yes. If you make changes to your website you need to back it up in case it is hacked or if for any reason it breaks. When a website is broken, it can usually be fixed. But, sometimes you need to restore it from a backup. A backup is basically a recording of your website as it is now. So when you restore it from a backup it is the website as it was on the day the backup was made that will appear. Therefore you need to make regular backups if you make regular changes.

Yes. Keeping your software up-to-date helps keep your website secure and safe.

Yes. The websites we build are all mobile friendly and Desktop, Laptop and Tablet friendly.

That depends on the project. In most cases, you pay half upfront and the balance on completion. We may in certain cases require full payment upfront.

We need to have advanced payments because if we are working on your website it means that we may have turned away other business. If you have a change of heart and decide not to go ahead, that is a loss of business for us and for the length of time we spent on your website we will have earned no money. Taking a deposit and having a signed contract means that it will not be a complete loss.

The website and all works remain our property until we receive full payment. If you pay by cheque, it means that we will wait for the cheque to clear before handing you the “keys”. The website will be live before that time, but we can remove it if payment is not forthcoming.

A lot! Your contributions and feedback are important to this process.

In the beginning, we will have a lot of questions about your company, the business you are in, about you and your staff etc.

We will discuss your preferences, e.g., your colour scheme and logo if you have one, if not we will make suggestions, and much more; so that we can give you the right look and functionality for your business.

After that you can leave it to us, though we may need to contact you from time to time to check details.

In most cases you do. Nobody knows your business as well as you do, so you will be best placed to write it, but we can help with it. If you need us to write it there will be a charge for that service.